Charity Tee's

Having a new baby is hard. You love that child and would move heaven and earth to keep them safe. You do your very best to build a new routine, but this tremendous sadness descends on you a little after you get home. You start to have thoughts like “I need to get away”, “they would be better off without me”, “I have no business being a mother or a wife”, “I am a terrible person” and so on. Your body feels heavy and the idea of doing something productive seems like climbing Mount Everest. Uncontrollable crying follows closely to fully doubting your mothering abilities; my abilities, full stop.

I had Postpartum depression. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. I found the right treatment for me and have truly never been happier. I love my son with all my heart and feel like I am the mother that he deserves. I have a strengthened respect for my Husband who is my rock and who held me up when I needed him most. Mostly though, I like myself again and that feels so nice.

With the right support from family, friends, and the medical community you can help yourself heal. Up to 10% of new mothers living in cities in economically developed countries like Canada experience clinically significant Postpartum Depression. A person doesn’t need to be “post” partum to become depressed; for 40% of women, the episode of depression started during pregnancy. It is easy to be labeled with “oh, she just has the baby blues” which is very serious, however if you think that your symptoms are worse than that you must advocate for yourself to get the help you need.

Here at bump+beyond we are passionate about building awareness about this issue and want to make woman feel that they are not alone. You are not alone.

A portion of every one of our charity tee’s will go to support charities within Canada that support perinatal mental health research and treatments. Help us end the stigma.

Christie xo

Please check out the following link for more information: Canadian Psychological Association - Fact Sheet on Postpartum Depression